How to Turn a Bar of Soap Into A Giant TV in 15 Minutes!

Holy Guacamole!! Now that's a tv set!!!

Want to know how to get anything you want within minutes? Read on to see how our Venturers scored a giant tv for their new hall!

There’s a tradition that the MCMK Venturers have had over the years, that has always been a lot of fun and brings in some great rewards! However, we weren’t expecting our night to be successful as this!

A soap-swap is a night that we usually run once or twice a year. Venturers are split into groups of 4, however, on this night, we only had one group. Bummer! Not to worry though, as they were all very enthusiastic as none of them had participated in a soap swap before!

Here’s a story of a recent really successful soap swap. It’s about a guy who turned one red paperclip into a house!! Check out this link: One Red Paper Clip

The venturers were given one bar of soap only! The objective of the night, was to see what they could turn this into! By door knocking, and saying who they were (wearing their scout scarf is important!) they offer to swap the bar of soap for something else of greater value.

Although door knocking or “cold calling” as sales people call it is an uncomfortable process initially, it is a skill that can be of tremendous value. We all have to “sell” or convince someone else of our values, be it our friends, family or an employer at some stages in our lives. Soap swapping is easy and fun. You meet all types of people – fun, welcoming, weird, but usually generous!

Usually the venturers end up with a few tins of food at first. They accept the swap, thank the householders and move to the next door. This process continues, swapping items of greater and greater value. Usually the venturers return with arms full of  shampoo, packets of biscuits, golf clubs, anything really.

On this cold night however, they returned with a giant flat screen tv within 15 minutes of door knocking! Time to call the night quits! It started raining as well, so it was good timing!

We realised afterwards that this is an event that’s more suited to the warmer daylight savings nights. After 8:00pm people really don’t want to be interrupted on a cold winters night! In summer however, we start at 7:30pm and finish at 8:30pm – and end up with carloads full of stuff!

Who knows what our Venturers will be bringing back with them this Summer!

Write below and let us know about what you think of our night!! 🙂

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