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Venturer Constitution

The Unit Council is made up of selected Venturers who are responsible for managing Unit affairs including preparation and running of the program of activities, the appointment of activity leaders, finance of the Unit, supervision of Venturer Scout Award Scheme standards and general discipline. Meetings are held at least once a month and separate to the Unit meeting. Yet they are also held briefly prior to and after the Unit meeting to check on progress.

The Unit Council is also responsible for the initial drafting and annual review of the Unit Constitution. The Constitution is a set of rules and guidelines formulated by the Venturers themselves.

Click here to download the March 2011
MCMK Venturer Unit Constitution

Venturer Scouts Award Scheme

This is a quick overview of the Award scheme for Venturers. Although it can look a bit overwhelming in the Venturer Scout Record Book, it’s a lot easier than it appears when it’s shown as a mind map.

Why Participate in the Venturer Scout Award Scheme?
Because it’s easy, it’s fun, and you learn a heap of new skills that prepare you for later on in life! Even if you just achieve a just a few of these activities, imagine how this will look when you apply for a job one day – compared to someone who hasn’t done any of these activities!

Here’s a brief summary of how the scheme works:

There are 3 major awards that you can aim for, the highest is the Queen Scout Award. The others are the Venturer Award and Endeavour award.

Queens Scout Award
Achieve the ultimate in Venturing! Complete all 13 activities in maroon, and any 4 green activities (1 from each area).

Venturer Award
Complete the maroon Unit Management, Initiative, Ideals, Environment and First Aid and any two others.

Endeavour Award
You need to complete your Venturer Award, and the associate green (QS) award of your chosen activity that you specialise in for more than 50 hours.

The diagram above was made with mind mapping software called Freemind. It’s a great tool for planning, or structuring your ideas – or your life. You can get your free software from here It’s really easy to use, and there are heaps of tutorials on YouTube.

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