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Venturer’s Report, AGM, 24th May 2011

Greetings from the mighty MCMK Venturers!  There have been some major changes with Venturers this year, and our Unit has been evolving rapidly over the last few months!  Our numbers are in continual flux, but that’s part of the territory with the Venturer age group.  However, there has been a major change of events with Chris “Spesh” Whitfield and Gary “Gator” Binskin coming on board to steer the Venturer Unit into a new era.  Just like a punt up uncharted waters!

Belinda Binskin and Matthew Urmenyhazi have been at the helm for some time now, but Gary Binksin’s enthusiasm and skills is a tremendous benefit to all in our Unit.  Just a few days ago, we made delicious pizza out of an oven made from a beer keg – whilst Belinda kept a watchful and helpful eye over the chocolate fondue!

Of course the big news for us is that we have our own hall now! We’ve officially cut the umbilical cord from the Berowra Unit and we are on our own!  The Berowra Unit has been a great support over the years, and without them and the use of their hall, we wouldn’t have our Unit. However, we are on our own feet now, and are all enjoying a type of newfound freedom – and no more possum poo in the hall!

Another of the big changes has been changing our meeting nights, from Wednesday and Fridays, to now Monday nights.  This change has been FANTASTIC!! (Thanks Gator!) as all Venturers can now participate throughout the year!!

Our numbers have declined a bit in recent months due to age, friendships with other Units etc.  However, we have had a very full program since the last AGM.  You can see most of our activities on the mcmkscoutgroup.org.au website, which we keep updated regularly, or on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/mcmkvents.  Here, though, are just a few of the activities that we’ve participated in since our last AGM.  We have been VERY busy over the last 5 months or so…

•    Ventout (3 days of camping with Scouts)
•    Snorkelling
•    Deep Pass Christmas Camp
•    Tie Dye Night
•    Roventure (3 days of camping with Rovers)
•    Visit to a Thai Buddhist Monastery
•    Debating night
•    Outdoor cooking
•    Bush tucker weekend

We also recently had a very successful soap swap night.  Check out the website and read about how we turned a bar of soap into a giant flat screen TV – in fifteen minutes!

Other news… on a personal note, I’ve decided to hand over the steering of the Unit to Gary.  Time for me to focus on other projects!  Although I won’t be gone completely, I’ll be hanging around on most nights like a bad smell!  Once a scout leader, always a scout leader!

MCMK Venturers is back on course!  Belinda, Gary, Spesh and to a lesser part myself are now full-swing into a new term and term plan!  Our Venturers are very motivated and enthusiastic, and it looks like we’ll have some Scouts coming up soon!  It also looks like we may have some Queen Scout candidates too!

Mazi (Matthew Urmenyhazi)

Cub Scout’s Report, AGM, 24th May 2011

Our year has been a very busy one: We have been running our term plans and they always have been full of fun and adventure for our Cubs.  We have tried to introduce more achievement badge activities into the regular Tuesday nights.  This was at the Cubs request via pack council.

We have run some of our programmes with our Venturer pack (Rock Climbing).  We have attended district activities, ten pin bowling, BMX days, Scout out and Region Fun Day.

You would be aware that Cuboree was held in January this year with 13 Cubs attending.  For this event we grouped with Berowra Cub Pack.  It was great success with kids and leaders having a good time.  Our Campsite was called Pluto (Space theme).  During the Cuboree there was a talent night to which camp Pluto won.  We were then given the privilege of performing at the closing ceremony.

The merging of our pack and Berowra was great as everyone got along very well (leaders included) so much so that the Cubs would like to do a joint camp with Berowra in the warmer months. (We have arranged with Berowra to have a camp at Narrabeen Scout Hall later in the year.)

Our boomerang work this year has been a real success with more Cubs receiving their badges than any other year, many thanks to Karen for all her good work.

Also we have two more new Leaders this year that started their training and have already made things easier in our Pack.  They are Fletcher ROCK and Rowan KLEIN.  I wish them all the best in their Scouting career and I am sure everyone will make them welcome.

Our Pack is very strong, at the moment we have 18 Cubs and 6 Leaders which makes us the envy of other Packs.  The pack consists mainly of 8-9 year olds.  We have 3 Cubs turning 11 this year and by all accounts they will be heading to Scouts.

Each term we have a weekend bushwalk along one of the local trails.  Last month we walked the Hornsby to Crosslands trail and had 18 kids and parents come along, a great turnout for Sunday morning.

We have been going on small walks around the new hall on Tuesday nights, last week we walked to McDonalds brought an ice cream and walked back.  The Cubs said that was the best night and could they do it again.

The Pack went to Brooklyn to assist in their Anzac Day Service.  It was raining and cold but those who came along helped set up the chairs and hand out programs.

This year the Cubs had Jamboree of the Airways at Asquith Scout Hall.  This was a unique experience with Cubs talking to other Cubs from around the world.

I would like to thank Wombat and the committee for all their hard work throughout the year.

In closing the pack in my opinion is in a strong position for the coming year, we have a young pack with a core of about 16 Cubs that attend week in, week out.  The Cubs enjoy each other’s company and are only too keen to play games and seek out new adventures.

Yours in Cubing
Jeff Argent

Group Leader’s Report, 24th May 2011

This year certainly has been a momentous one for our Group. After almost seven years in the wilderness, we finally have a new home. And, I am sure you will all agree; what a great home it is. However, it’s sad but true, that we can’t now sit back and relax. We still need to keep our focus up, to make those many final additions and adjustments to turn a great scout hall into an absolutely fantastic scout hall.

As I said it all in my speech at the official opening, there are many people we need to thank for their efforts in bringing this new facility to fruition. However, I find myself needing to once again specifically thank the leaders and the support committee members that have carried so much extra load in keeping our membership strong, during a time when 1st Mt Colah / Mt Kuring-gai could so easily have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

When I look back over the last seven years, the people who have held the Group together have all done so for their own particular reasons. Some for their kids enjoyment, some for their own enjoyment, some from a sense of duty, and some possibly even because they needed to escape their wife or husband for a few hours each week. Who knows! Regardless of the reason, they have all looked into their own lives and found some time for the benefit of our community’s youth. That’s all we can ever ask of them.

These thoughts, along with some terrible news I recently received about a young man who was a Cub and Scout in our Group, brings me to share my reasons for staying the course for so long now. Sadly, my reasons are strangely selfish. Everyone who has had much to do with me knows that I am fiercely patriotic. This, along with a realisation that today’s youth is tomorrow’s society, has lead me to do whatever I can to prepare today’s youth to be responsible and resourceful members of tomorrow’s society. Having been heavily involved in junior sport and having my own children go through various phases of dance and music, I know that Scouting is the best program around for delivering those responsible and resourceful members of society.

So, I hope you will all consider my logic, and test it against your own priorities. As always, I am more than happy to discuss my thoughts with almost anyone at almost any time.

On a less philosophical note, we have unfortunately had a serious safety incident this year, with one of our Rovers falling from a tree while hanging a banner during the Easter Dragonskin event. He probably should consider himself lucky, having a crushed vertebrae but not suffering any spinal damage. However this does highlight that Scouting carries some risks, as the exuberant youth push the boundaries in search of bigger thrills (and higher banners). So, I think we need to ask everyone to both be thankful that our Rover wasn’t more seriously hurt, and to also give serious consideration to the appropriate balance between risk and reward.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone again for their support this past year. Please join with me in looking forward to what promises to be a great coming year for 1st Mt Colah / Mt Kuring-gai.

Yours in Scouting
Greg McKinnon (Wombat)

AGM Group Committe Report, 24th May 2011

Firstly, I would like to thank all of our leaders for the time and effort they have put into their Scouting programs over the past year. As you will read in their reports the Cubs, Scouts and Venturers have been very active over the 12 months and have achieved many high goals. Without the dedication and perseverance of our leaders we would not be in such a great position to move forward in our new hall.

The Cubs have a new Akela in Jeff Argent with Gary moving into Venturers. They have continually made their presence known at district events and ended the year at the state Cuboree held at Cataract Scout Park. All the leaders and Cubs had a great time despite the wet weather.

Peter, Geoff and Jeremy have also done well with the boys coming second at the Easter Scout camp at Crosslands and a patrol gaining a silver award at Scout hike. All of this can be put down to their enthusiasm in teaching the boys the Scouting program.

The Venturers have struggled a bit over the last year and hopefully with the new hall will be able to settle into a more stable routine and grow their numbers. In January next year a few of our Venturers will be attending the 15th Australian Venturer in Tasmania. I’m sure that the Venturers attending will have a great time and meet many new friends.

Over the last year the Group committee has been run with the dedicated support of a small number of parents. With the new hall up and running we are now able to have our committee meetings at the same time as the cub meetings. This has proved a success with some of the cub parents staying on for the committee meeting while their child attends cubs. I would also like to thank Sandra Raymond-Jones for her secretarial efforts over the last few years; she will be standing down from the Secretary’s job, and will need to be replaced by another parent.

The main news on a group front is that our builder Ray Becchio has completed our new hall. We now have all of our sections meeting at our new hall. With the hall 95% complete we still have to keep focus on finishing the last minor elements to create a great hall. In the coming months we will be having a few more working bees to complete the hall. With the completion of the hall drawing closer there are many people to thank, the parents and youth members who have turned up to the working bees and members of the reconstruction committee who have lead the building program. At the head of the building committee was Greg McKinnon, who has been the main driving force behind all the work. Without Greg’s determination and perseverance over the last 7 years we would still be looking at the plans of the new hall and not the actual building.

The role of the Group Committee is to support and look after the group and its assets so that the leaders can go about giving the boys and girls a complete scouting program without worrying about “Has the hall insurance been paid?, Is the electricity bill currently paid?” Over the last few years this has been mainly left to the efforts of 3 or 4 parents. It would be good to see some new parents get involved with the running of the group. It is not the commitment of a Cub or Scout leader, but does require the attendance at 1 meeting a month; this coincides with the Cubs meeting night. The group committee has a very important role in the Group structure and without it there would be no Cubs or Scouts. I wish the new committee all the best with the coming year.

Peter Dudfield
Group Committee Chairman

How to Light a Fire with a Condom

You never know. One day in an emergency situation, you may need to use this little trick! You know the old saying “A scout is resourceful!” 🙂

Hornsby Scout Fellowship Donates $500 to MCMK Scout Group

Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai recently recieved a generous donation of $500 from Hornsby Scout Fellowship. The Fellowship is made up of ex scouting leaders and supporters who know the true value that Scouting provides to our community.

Hornsby Scout Fellowship are always looking for new members and an invitation is extended to any members of our group to become an associate member. It is not entirely a fund raising group, as it has many social activities as well including day outings and 4 day excursions to country locations.

The Scout Fellowship Annual General Meeting is to be held at 7:30pm Friday 25th March, at Normanhurst Scout Hall

Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai would like to thank Hornsby Scout Fellowship for their kind and generous donation. A copy of the official letter is attached below.

Scout Fellowship Letter

Scout Fellowship Letter

Venturer Scouts Award Scheme

This is a quick overview of the Award scheme for Venturers. Although it can look a bit overwhelming in the Venturer Scout Record Book, it’s a lot easier than it appears when it’s shown as a mind map.

Why Participate in the Venturer Scout Award Scheme?
Because it’s easy, it’s fun, and you learn a heap of new skills that prepare you for later on in life! Even if you just achieve a just a few of these activities, imagine how this will look when you apply for a job one day – compared to someone who hasn’t done any of these activities!

Here’s a brief summary of how the scheme works:

There are 3 major awards that you can aim for, the highest is the Queen Scout Award. The others are the Venturer Award and Endeavour award.

Queens Scout Award
Achieve the ultimate in Venturing! Complete all 13 activities in maroon, and any 4 green activities (1 from each area).

Venturer Award
Complete the maroon Unit Management, Initiative, Ideals, Environment and First Aid and any two others.

Endeavour Award
You need to complete your Venturer Award, and the associate green (QS) award of your chosen activity that you specialise in for more than 50 hours.

The diagram above was made with mind mapping software called Freemind. It’s a great tool for planning, or structuring your ideas – or your life. You can get your free software from here It’s really easy to use, and there are heaps of tutorials on YouTube.

Thanks, Mazza

MCMK Scout Group has a new Queens Scout

Extract above from the Bush Telegraph

Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai Scout Group have  had a great year in terms of the quantity and quality of awards that we have seen presented to our youth members across all sections. This, of course, has been capped off so well by one of our Venturers, Josef Urmenyhazi, who became a Queens Scout in February. Josef is the first Queens Scout for our Group for about 10 years. This has been a huge achievement for Josef, and it is one that he will carry forward on his sleeve, on his CV, and in his confidence for the rest of his life.

Josef Urmenyhazi, 18, from Mt Colah/Mt Ku-ring-ai Venturers, was presented with the highest Venturer award by NSW Governor Professor Marie Bashir last month.

He became the first Scout in the Mt Colah/Mt Ku-ring-ai group to earn the top honour in 10 years.

“Some people think being a Scout is all about tying knots or helping old ladies cross the road,” Josef said.

To earn the award he had to undergo various activities with Venturers (a group for those aged 14-18 years).

These ranged from group expeditions in the bush, kayaking on Hawkesbury River, undertaking leadership roles, and completing a first aid course. And he had to do it by his 18th birthday – which proved somewhat problematic.

“It was a bit tricky, especially since my 18th birthday was the day before the HSC started,” he said.

“In the end it was a relief because there was a lot of work involved.”

The first year medical science student said he would not be the confident person he was if not for his Scouting experiences.

“I pushed myself to the limits at times. It makes you do things you wouldn’t do normally,” he said.

His Scouting career also gave him opportunities to travel and introduced him to outdoor rockclimbing.

Cubs: A Year in Review 2010

Extract from AGM, May 2010

Cubs this year has been as busy as ever with programmes working well and boomerang work completed. We competed in all of the district activities, coming first in the BMX and swimming carnival. We also took out both Iron Cub events.
Cubs are getting ready for the fast approaching Cuboree in January 2011. It should be a fantastic event as always. I have attended two Cuborees and a Jamboree and had a ball each time.

This year we have lost one of our leaders, Janine Dudfield aka Bagerra, to Hornsby Heights Cub Pack. I thank her for her e-mail skills and the experience she brought to our pack. Janine will be missed. Karen (Kar) has taken over e-mails now and I would like to thank her for that as everyone knows Akela
still doesn’t know what a computer is, but I am learning.

Our other two leaders, Paul (Rama) and Jeff (Chill) have now completed their BL3 which now has them finishing their training. Congratulations to them both. We also have a venturer, Lauren (Rikki) helping out each week. Thankyou Lauren.

Term 2 saw me passing the baton of Akela to one of the other leaders. After a lot of thought it was time for someone else to have a chance. Funny thing, I became Akela in March 2004 and the hall burned down in July 2004. I pass down the position when our new hall has started. I must hold the record for the most Cub pack meetings outside of our own hall. Yahoo. I will be staying on to help out for a while yet though.

I would like to thank all the parents and past leaders who have helped me through my time as Akela. I have really enjoyed it. Most of all I would like to thank all those Cubs throughout the years who have made it all worthwhile.  I feel very proud when they still call me Akela.

Yours in Cubbing
Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai Scout Group
Akela (Gary Binskin)