Fund Raising in 2010

Thank you to all who have helped out in some form or capacity this year either on our fundraising BBQ’s or Lamington Drives. As a result, the money raised has gone back to the scout group to either assist families with the cost of Jamborees,  Cuborees, other activities/courses and the eventual purchase of new equipment to replace all that was lost in the fire 6 years ago.

Thank you also to those who have attended the working bees so far:  the clearing of the land ready for the build over 2 days, the electrical fit-out and the laying of the floor over 2 days. Rovers, and the families from Scouts, Venturers, Cubs and Guides have all assisted. Each time the volunteers have been under the guidance of the experts so thank you to all who turned up ready to just have a go, and thank you to the experienced tradesman  ready to assist and guide. It all helps enormously and without your assistance we would still be waiting for the electrics to be completed and we wouldn’t have a floor.

With the painting and tiling still to happen, maybe we will be able to see a few different faces. It can be a fun day bonding with others, having a joke and a laugh, eating a picnic lunch and knowing that you have done something very worthwhile for the Hornsby community and scouting future.

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