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Our Venturers go Snorkelling

Venturers from the Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai Scout Group and Berowra Scout Group, spending a lazy Sunday snorkelling at Shelly Beach, just south of Manly.

Although the water was freezing, there were still a few fish to be seen, although not as many as we’d hoped! In recent trips to this location, we have seen 6 or more dusky whaler sharks, each one about 4 feet long!

Initially we were to visit the Water Works at Manly, however, we realised that it was a bit below our age group!

To get to Manly, we caught the train and bus in, and the ferry and train back! It was a big day, but well worth it! Next time, when it’s warmer in the water, we’ll visit Clovelly, where you can pat the large blue gropers!!

Venturers to Visit to a Thai Forest Monastery

Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai  Venturers have been invited to visit a Thai Buddhist monastery!! This monastery is run by Thai forest monks, and is located about 20 minutes north of Wiseman’s Ferry, at a place called Wat Buddha Damma

This is a real cultural experience and should not be missed. For those of you who would like to put this as one of your Queen Scout activities, this will go under the Ideals, pg. 56 in the Venturer Record Book.

These monks have an amazing life, ie. they live by 227 rules, and teach how to live a simple life. They live 15 minutes from a main road, within the bush!

You can see what they do here on their website. Vicki and I also made a video of them once which you can find here.

They will be available for group visiting from mid February all next year. Please let me know if you are interested, so I can have it organised – as they provide food.

This is a great opportunity to see something really different! It’s cheaper than going to Thailand!!!


Scout Hall Painting Working Bee

There will be a painting working bee at the Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai Scout Hall on Saturday the 4th of December and Sunday the 5th of December.

Come one, come all. If you can’t make it in one day please try to make it on the other day. And of course, if you can make it both days, then that would be even better !

We will start at 8am on both days, and go through until about 4pm. We may knock off earlier if we get it finished.

This is a crucial final step in the reconstruction project, so please do your very best to play your part.

Please bring with you :
– Any general painting equipment you have (brushes, rollers, scrapers, pots, guides etc)
– A step ladder if you have a good one
– Drop sheets, lots of drop sheets
– Lots of enthusiasm!

See you there!

Venturers in Tasmania in January 2012???

Venturers, get ready for 10 days of fun and excitement in Tasmania!! Wild Dayz is for Venturers from all around Australia! It’s gunna be BIG!!!

Check out the official website: www.wilddayz.com For 10 days you will be able to experience the best Tasmania has to offer, try out activities and challenges you may have never dreamed of doing, and make friends for life!

There’s also dj’s, live bands, outdoor concerts for when you’re not out doing activities like: scuba diving, 4wd driving, sailing, white water rafting, caving, climbing, abseiling, mountain bike riding, walking and kayaking and heaps more!

Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai Venturers, tart saving your money NOW! All the details are on the site! There’ll be a whole group of us attending from our Sydney North region!

Check out: www.wilddayz.com to see what activities you’d like to get in on!

Cycling Over The Harbour Bridge!!

Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai Venturers are in for a great night tonight!! We’ll be joining about 200 other cyclists and riding over the Harbour Bridge! This is an event that we participate in every year, that’s organised by Critical Mass.

On the last Friday of every month, in hundreds of cities worldwide, cyclists, bladers and boarders meet for a rolling celebration of non-motorised transport. It’s a welcoming space where people feel safe. Here’s a photo taken from our ride last year. Stay tuned for more in a few days!!!

After our ride to North Sydney, we’ll ride back to China Town, and have a big feast for a few dollars, before boarding the train and heading home again! How’s that for an alternative to watching tv and eating pizza!!

Geoff goes Walkabout!

One of our very special people has left our ranks. Our long serving Venturer Leader, Geoff Tosio, is living his dream with partner Kerry, on an indefinite wandering around Australia adventure and wherever else they may end up.

In the last news that we heard from Jeff, he was traveling through the wilds of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Geoff has been the backbone of the Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai Venturer Unit for almost 8 years, and has truly set a shining example for the young men and women in his charge. He has been a source of inspiration and knowledge and his enthusiasm and rock craft knowledge were unsurpassed and a major part of the Venturer program.

Geoff will be sadly missed and we wish them all the best with their future travels.

MCMK Scout Group has a new Queens Scout

Extract above from the Bush Telegraph

Mount Colah Mount Kuring Gai Scout Group have  had a great year in terms of the quantity and quality of awards that we have seen presented to our youth members across all sections. This, of course, has been capped off so well by one of our Venturers, Josef Urmenyhazi, who became a Queens Scout in February. Josef is the first Queens Scout for our Group for about 10 years. This has been a huge achievement for Josef, and it is one that he will carry forward on his sleeve, on his CV, and in his confidence for the rest of his life.

Josef Urmenyhazi, 18, from Mt Colah/Mt Ku-ring-ai Venturers, was presented with the highest Venturer award by NSW Governor Professor Marie Bashir last month.

He became the first Scout in the Mt Colah/Mt Ku-ring-ai group to earn the top honour in 10 years.

“Some people think being a Scout is all about tying knots or helping old ladies cross the road,” Josef said.

To earn the award he had to undergo various activities with Venturers (a group for those aged 14-18 years).

These ranged from group expeditions in the bush, kayaking on Hawkesbury River, undertaking leadership roles, and completing a first aid course. And he had to do it by his 18th birthday – which proved somewhat problematic.

“It was a bit tricky, especially since my 18th birthday was the day before the HSC started,” he said.

“In the end it was a relief because there was a lot of work involved.”

The first year medical science student said he would not be the confident person he was if not for his Scouting experiences.

“I pushed myself to the limits at times. It makes you do things you wouldn’t do normally,” he said.

His Scouting career also gave him opportunities to travel and introduced him to outdoor rockclimbing.